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Frequently Asked Questions

Suzuki School of the Brazos Valley

...where every child can!

Q: “I don’t know anything about music...How will I ever be able to help my child with home practice?”


A: Previous musical experience is not necessary to become a wonderful practice partner to your child!  I will teach you everything you need to get started, during the Beginner Parent Class.  As your child learns, you will continue to learn right alongside him or her.


Q: “My child is only two years old.  How long will we have to wait to begin?”


A: The sooner you start observing lessons with your child, the sooner s/he will be ready to take lessons.


Q: “My son is five years old, but I’d like to wait until he is at least six and a little bit more mature.”


A: You can prepare for formal lessons now by listening to the recordings of the Suzuki repertoire, observing weekly lessons with your son, and enrolling in the Beginner Parent Class.


Q: “I’d like to observe lessons with my child, but he can’t sit still very long.”


A: By all means, bring your child to observe and leave the lesson when he gets restless.  He will soon grow in his ability to enjoy the lesson.


Q: “My son has entered his school’s orchestra program, this fall.  Should I enroll him in a private lesson program, as well?”


A: Yes!!!  To learn to play his instrument well, your son will need individualized attention—both to learn proper technique, and also to learn good practice habits. 

Q: “I’d like my child to learn to play the violin, but I do not wish to learn myself.”


A: If your child is under the age of 10, s/he will study much more efficiently with yourself as a practice partner.  You need only learn the basics in my Beginner Parent Class to get started practicing with your child.


Q: “We are interested in your Suzuki program.  When should we begin listening to the recordings?”


A: Start listening immediately.  Contact me for a list of recordings of a variety of good music.


Q: “I would like my child to study the violin or viola, but she is only four and has shown no interest in these instruments.  Should I wait until she is actually motivated to learn?”


A: Visiting the studio, on a regular basis, to observe individual and group lessons will highly motivate your child to learn.  Dr. Suzuki said, “It is the parent’s duty to create a desire to learn in the child.”


Q: “I have a 10-year old elementary student, who wants to enter school orchestra.  Is she too old to study violin by the Suzuki method?”


A: No, it is never to late to begin studying with the Suzuki method.  It is the most successful teaching method for instrumental study that I know, at any age!