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Suzuki School of the Brazos Valley

...where every child can!

We are fortunate to live in a community that supports school orchestra programs!  Orchestra in College Station schools begins in 5th Grade, whereas Bryan schools begin orchestra in 6th Grade.  It would be more wonderful still, if schools could start string players at the early Elementary or Kindergarten age , while ears are far more easily trained, bodies are still subtle, and children are still uninhibited!


Why Private Lessons?


 All local school orchestra programs are taught in heterogeneous classes, on four different instruments.

 Reading and music literacy is taught  in three different clefs (staff notation).

 Orchestra classes serve from 10 to 35 students - each! 

 Children in orchestra classes vary tremendously in their background and ability. Your child can only progress at the rate of the class, as a whole.

 String orchestra students must compromise ideal beginner approaches to their instruments, in order to be able to play together as a class, in the same key.  To start on the D-and G-strings is not the best way for violin or viola students to begin!

 Much of what was learned during the school year is lost during the long summer break, when the child has no instruction or guided practice!

 It is impossible for one orchestra classroom teacher to meet individual students’ needs for one-on-one instruction.  Classroom heterogeneity, in terms of the variety of instruments (with their different technical requirements) as well as differences in students’ abilities, further complicates this task.  The assumption is that those who ‘will take to it,’ will also enroll in a private lesson program.  Don’t wait for your child to be demoralized by the absence of individualized instruction.

 If you support your child’s interest with private lessons, s/he is much more likely to play in orchestra through high school and to develop a life-long ability to play in college and community orchestras.  Unlike sports, the ability to play an instrument provides life-long opportunities for active participation and enjoyment!


If you choose to enroll in a private lesson program, you should stick with it least two years, before deciding whether or not the instrument is for you.  It takes that long before you have the skills to know.  Your orchestra teacher and your private teacher will work together to ensure a smooth ride down the Kreisler Highway!