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Beginner Parent Class

Suzuki School of the Brazos Valley

...where every child can!

This class will be an invaluable aid to you and your child on the exciting road to a music education.  You should sign up for it as soon as possible, so that you will be ready when your child is ready to begin lessons. 


We will learn what the Suzuki method is all about, and how you can set up a listening program, at home.  I will show you how to make a box violin and a foot chart for your child to learn on.  We will discover some practice do’s and don’ts and learn to play simple tunes on the violin. We will be able to begin your child in the lesson program, as soon as both of you are ready to begin.



This class is for parents and scheduled at a time when those who work outside the home can attend without their child(ren). Please inquire about the start of the next Beginner Parent Class


Instead of taking the Beginner Parent Class, you may choose a private lesson time, each week.


When parents desire to go beyond the basics, they may continue in their studies for an indefinite period and form a continuing Parent Group, or participate in regular group lessons with their children.  While these options may be for you, it is not required for you to continue on the violin past the Beginner Parent class, in order for your child to be successful in the program. 


What parents are saying about this course:


“Your Beginner Parent class has changed the way I parent!”  (L.D., mother of 5-yo)


“Thanks to your Beginner Parent class, I finally understand my three-year old.  We no longer bud heads, but now he is excited to learn and take instruction from me.”  (S.C., mother of 3-yo)


“I learned so much in your Beginner Parent Class that applies to parenting, in general, and it has helped me tremendously in my daily family life.” (V.N., mother of 4-yo)


“Thank you for your Beginner Parent Class—it all makes a lot of sense!” (A.H. mother of 6-yo and 4-yo)


“Your class fills a definite need in the community.” (E.L. mother of 6-yo and 4-yo)